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Commentary — 2007

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This page lists commentaries in the English-language press on post-secondary issues in New Brunswick for 2007.Go here for 2008, and here for 2009.

[NB. These links may not be permanent in all cases. However, online subscription services may be accessed at UNB libraries and elsewhere. Those at UNB can go here.]

  • “In other shocking news: tuition,” Ben Hicks, The Baron (Dec 4/07, 4).
  • “Clear as Mud: the Graham government’s throne speech on post-secondary education,” Ben Hicks, The Baron (Dec 4/07, 5).
  • My fantasy throne speech,” Peter T. Smith, Telegraph Journal (Dec 4/07, A5).
  • Joe Galbo, Patty Higgins, Arif Hussein, Miriam Jones, Murray Littlejohn, and John Wallace, CFMH 107.3 Roundtable (Nov 27/07; download MP3).
  • Three pieces written by a group of faculty members at UNBSJ and published, over the past summer, in the Telegraph-Journal:

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