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News coverage — 2007

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This page lists mainly English-language media stories about post-secondary education in New Brunswick for 2007. Go here for 2009, and here for 2008.

[NB. These links may not be permanent in all cases. However, online subscription services may be accessed at UNB libraries and elsewhere. Those at UNB can go here.]

  • “A tale of two throne speechs: Reganomics?” Wren Crandall, The Baron (Dec 4/07, 1-2).
  • “One in seven Canadian students drops out of their post-secondary studies,” rpt. The Fulcrum (UofOttawa), The Baron (Dec 4/07, 10).
  • “There is a third option to the UNBSJ polytechnic question,” interview with Cheryl Robertson, CBC Information Morning (Nov 30/07, download RealAudio).
  • “NBSA still unhappy with premier,” Jordan Gill, The Brunswickan 141.10 (Nov 7/07, 2).
  • Higher learning,” interview with Alex Usher, Globe and Mail (Nov 7/07).
  • PCs back UNBSJ,” Dave MacLean, Telegraph-Journal (Nov 7/07, C1).
  • “UNBSJ Closing?” Vanessa Mackinnon, The Baron (11 Sept/07, 1-2).
  • UNB students, staff go to council with merge concerns,” CBC News (Sept 11/07).
  • Council reaffirms university support,” Telegraph Journal (11 Sept/07, C1): “Common council reaffirmed its support for UNBSJ Monday. Coun. Ivan Court and Coun. Stephen Chase both pledged council’s backing of the university, whose future has been questioned because of rumours arising from an impending report from the provincial Commission on Post-Secondary Education. The talk is that the university could become a polytechnic school.”

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