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Media and labour

November 16, 2011

A familiar story from Manitoba:  “Brandon Sun Bias Prolongs Brandon University Strike,” Errol Black, Policy Fix: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Manitoba Office (14 Nov./11):

The actions and role of the media in small-town labour disputes play an important role in shaping community perspectives on the nature, dynamics and implications of the conflict for both the direct participants and the community at large. The media’s role is, therefore, profoundly important in all labour disputes; it is especially important in situations where deliberate bias in the coverage provided by the media results in a serious misrepresentation of a dispute that potentially involves segments of the community. The Brandon University strike is one such dispute. (more)

Meanwhile, the strike has been going on for 34 days and counting. Morale among BUFA members is reportedly high, and the Brandon University Student Union remain solid in their support of their instructors. Faculty unions across the country continue to send “flying pickets” to march with the strikers.


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