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A piece in Macleans that will resonate

September 27, 2011

with many of us, and that quotes our colleague June Madeley:

That’s ‘professor’ uptight to you,” Josh Dehaas, Macleans, Sept. 27/11.

The article addresses the issue of civility — or lack of it — in the classroom, and describes a cathartic Facebook group, That’s “Professor” Uptight to you, Johnny.

But Joey O’Kane, a vice-president of the University of New Brunswick Student Union, thinks it’s no big deal. He also thinks it’s reasonable to expect email responses from profs within 24 hours, preferably 12. “Professors have a pretty good gig,” he says. “You put in some office hours, you teach for a few hours and then you end up with a decent paycheque, so taking 10 minutes out of your day to respond to a few emails . . . I don’t think that’s asking too much.”

If one of our own student leaders can be under such misapprehensions about our work, and our working conditions, we as a profession clearly need to initiate some communication. Happily, Mark Sample addresses this very issue in “Making Your Work Visible,” The Chronicle of Higher Education (Sept. 6/11).

(Now please excuse me while I head over to Facebook).


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