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June 13, 2011

UK: The fight for the humanities begins in earnest“, Bob Brecher, University World News 175 (12 June/11): against the privatization of education in the Humanities.

Academe’s Entitled Class“, Don Troop, The Chronicle of Higher Education (10 June/11): on ever-more confusing job titles.

What’s Next for Wisconsin?” Dan Berrett, Inside Higher Ed (6 June/11).

Student debt bankrupting a generation“, Mary Teresa Bitti, Financial Post (4 June/11): Student debt in Canada reaches $20 billion.

Lecturers back strike action over fee rises and cuts in spending“, Richard Garner, The Independent (31 May/11): In Canada, we look away from the situation in the UK at our peril.

Frank Donahue posts about the fate of the Humanities in the U.S.A.: 123.

Yale in Singapore: Lost in Translation“, Christopher L. Miller, The Chronicle of Higher Education (1 May/11): on building foreign campuses: “Singapore’s discrimination becomes Yale’s.”

Why Privacy Matters Even if You Have ‘Nothing to Hide’“, Daniel J. Solove, The Chronicle of Higher Education (15 March/11): “If you have nothing to hide, then you don’t have a life.”

Cult Stud Mugged: Why We Should Stop Worrying and Learn To Love a Hip English Professor“, Kevin Mattson, Dissent (31 Jan./11).

With these reversals in view, let me go full circle and propose a master narrative for contemporary American intellectual life: the silliness of the nineties has melted into a seriousness for the 2000s (and hopefully beyond). It feels as if the country’s going through a change similar to that from the twenties to the thirties.


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