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There is a hysterical undertone

December 14, 2010

to the attacks on faculty reported in this Gleaner article about another visit by the inestimable Alex Usher to our fair province. As usual, faculty are depicted as over-paid and under-worked, while absolutely no mention is made of administrative bloat, costly outsourcing, or bad financial decision-making:

Usher said universities in Canada have created a “monster” in the academic profession…. He also said universities will have to contain costs by increasing class sizes and agreeing that all universities teach similar content for the same courses. He said when professors are no longer creating content, they will have more time to teach.

The alert reader might ask, teach what, if we no longer have time to “create content” (i.e. research)?

Hell, let’s just use robots reading aloud from approved textbooks and have done with it.

Here’s a novel idea: let us in the university community work together to address our challenges.

Update: Oh great, it’s gone national.

Further update: Same story in the T-J; apparently people in SJ are quicker with their keyboards as this story actually has comments.


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