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Trying to hold the line

November 12, 2010

UPEI president tries to stop the provincial government from accrediting for-profit ventures. Worth reading for the bare-knuckle assessment of the situation in N.B. and elsewhere:

UPEI calls for halt to plans for new degree-granting institutions

Wayne Thibodeau, The Guardian (11 Nov./10)

UPEI is calling on the P.E.I. government to shelve plans to allow for the establishment of new degree-granting institutions.

But Wade MacLauchlan, president of UPEI, is calling on the province not to proceed with the legislation, saying it puts much at risk.

“Your letter cites the experience of New Brunswick and other provinces in approving ‘new’ institutions, claiming that this would take P.E.I. in an ‘innovative direction,'” MacLauchlan writes in a letter to Innovation and Advanced Learning Minister Allan Campbell.

“Minister Campbell, the experience in other provinces has been closer to fraud than to innovation.”

The Guardian has learned the province has a proposal before it now to create a new, online post secondary institution based in P.E.I.

The president of UPEI is also raising concerns about the amount of consultation that has taken place on the new bill. MacLauchlan said he had four days to formulate a response.

Campbell said he’s extended that consultation by another week.

MacLauchlan said Islanders are proud that UPEI is a strong, competitive and real university.

“It should be a prime objective of government to safeguard and expand upon UPEI’s name and reputation, not to diminish the very idea of a university as if it is an inexpensive tool of economic development or an opportunity to give out favours.”

[Read the whole story.]

Meanwhile, for-profit education south of the border is on the downturn.


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