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Political parties fail to engage with PSE issues

September 21, 2010

Be sure to read Dennis Desroches’ commentary in today’s T-J, a follow-up to the letter the Federation of New Brunswick Faculty Associations sent out to all the political parties some weeks ago:

It remains a point of concern … that there are no dollar numbers attached to the multi-year funding arrangements….

It is also a point of concern that both parties focus their PSE strategy on training for industry and labour, with no clear direction given on how primary research – the engine behind innovation – will be supported. Job training can and should take place at universities.

But the production of market-related knowledge is not the only, or even the main, purpose of universities.

We urge all five parties to recognize the vital part that university education plays in developing the human capacities of the province’s youth.

We would like to see the parties develop appropriately funded platforms and policies that reflect how important a highly educated and thoughtful youth cohort will be to New Brunswick as the future unfolds.


We believe this can only be achieved through a more thorough consultation with the province’s 2,000 full and part-time faculty.

Read the whole commentary.


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