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Questions for candidates:

September 9, 2010

Dennis Desroches, president of the Federation of the New Brunswick Faculty Associations, wrote the following letter to the editor that is worth reproducing here as it was published in the last week of August:

Excerpts of a letter to the leaders of the province’s five political parties:

Since 2007, postsecondary education (PSE) has become a crucial point of activity for the Graham government and has generated its share of controversy and debate.

As the province moves forward, PSE will continue to be a vital part of the province’s ability to grow and adapt in a world increasingly requiring not only technological progress, but critical thinking too. It is our belief that faculty have not been consulted widely enough as the province proceeds with its changes to postsecondary education in the province.

We have developed a series of questions that reflect the concerns foremost in the minds of our constituents.

The answers that you provide to these questions will be distributed to our member associations, and to the public at large via news release, for their consideration prior to the elections.

What steps will you take to ensure that full and part-time faculty will be adequately consulted as to the unfolding direction of PSE in the province?

What is your plan to achieve funding parity with the Canadian average?

When will you introduce a multi-year funding strategy (i.e. three to five years) for universities?

What is the value to New Brunswick of university education beyond simply job training or economic development?

Should universities have the right to free collective bargaining beyond government intervention?

How do you plan to tackle crippling levels student debt?

Our members are concerned to determine which party best demonstrates a clear concern for, and understanding of, the PSE sector in New Brunswick.

President, Federation of New Brunswick Faculty Associations

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