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All well and good

June 23, 2010

No doubt some of the recommendations of the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce to the UNB Strategic Planning Committee, as reported in the Daily Gleaner, make practical sense. But it is disheartening that the only growth they recommend would result in yet more administrative bloat at a time when programmes are cut to the bone.

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  1. June 23, 2010 9:01 pm

    Hi Living In Interesting Times team,

    Thanks for taking interest in the Fredericton Chamber of Commerce’s recommendations to UNB. I agree with you that the University should not be undertaking activities that would increase administrative bloat. We envisioned that our recommendations could result in consolidation of administrative groups (ex. multiple coop offices, multiple groups working as industry liaisons, etc) and greater efficiencies in operations, through partnerships with other educational institutions and community organizations, thus freeing up much needed funds to support research, programs and student services.

    Thanks for your dedication to the advancement of Post Secondary Education in New Brunswick, and for adding your voice to the dialogue.

    Susan Holt

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