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Well, this is pretty outrageous.

May 8, 2010

The third media foray of the shared visions people this week concludes,

Bob Manning, chairman of Enterprise Saint John and a member of Shared Vision, said UNBSJ is becoming attractive to health firms.

“We’ve got pharmaceutical companies looking at that campus,” said Manning during a recent Telegraph-Journal editorial board meeting.

“We’re starting to view it as a knowledge campus.”

Pat Darrah, also a Shared Vision member and a driving force behind bringing the medical program to Saint John, said UNBSJ is reinventing itself.

“You’re going to have a nucleus of researchers, and researchers love to work together, so you change the whole concept because we were never a research campus before,” he said.

The alert reader will notice the confusion over the word “we” between the two speakers. But I digress. I am not going to say much else, but instead leave that to a long-time reader who emailed this blog earlier today:

Where has Pat Darrah been living for the past two generations? … “we were never a research campus before”?

Obviously this member of “Shared Vision” appears never to have read a Dean’s or President’s Annual Report on Faculty. And in the die-hard tradition of monopoly media (I refer to it as non-competitive), Telegraph-Journal can get away with single source reporting. That is it feels no obligation to check the reliability of its source’s statements by providing a second opinion. The fact that this means the paper can run a second story to fill tomorrow’s paper, or wait for a citizen to write a letter at no expense to the newspaper, simply means we are reading mediocre journalism.

If the T-J had spoken to virtually anyone on campus they would have got an earful about all the research that already goes on here. Most of that research is not attached to the heady promise of big pharma-bucks, it’s true. I suppose it all comes down to what one thinks research is for. It’s pretty clear how the shared visionaries would answer that question.



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