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February 18, 2010

A message was just sent out from AUNBT:

Colleagues –

The provincial minister of Labour has advised AUNBT that he will form a conciliation board to enquire into the remaining bargaining differences between AUNBT and the UNB administration in relation to the full-time collective agreement.  FAQs on the workings of a conciliation board are available (download PDF).

AUNBT’s bargaining team will continue to work to ensure that this process concludes successfully for the entire university community.

David Bell

On the surface this may appear eminently reasonable, but readers are reminded of two things: such boards are quite rare, despite the UNB administration’s several confident assurances that they would be seeking such a ruling; and second: such a board — although quite rare — was indeed appointed at UdeM under startlingly similar circumstances: it just so happened that, given the timing, the appointment of a conciliation board — and did I mention it was quite rare? — effectively denied the union the possibility of striking. Well, they could have struck, of course. But it would have been a long, lonely summer.

The good news is, CAUT can just reissue their news item on UdeM with very minor tweaking.

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