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December 21, 2009
  • Educating Canada: When it comes to undergraduate education, we can do better,” Robert Campbell, Michael Goldbloom, Ray Ivany and Sean Riley, (Dec. 10/09): “As Ian Clark, one of the authors of Academic Transformation, has written, ‘something has to be done if the university system is to avoid ever-larger classes, greater reliance on part-time instructors, and a slide into homogeneous mediocrity in the face of constrained government spending and student tuition.’”
  • Lost Trust,” Bob Samuels, Inside Higher Ed (Dec. 7/09):

[University of California President Mark] Yudof’s protection of the profit-centered units was highlighted when many of the highest earners in the university system were able to remove themselves from his furlough plan. First the people funded out of external grants were exempted, and then the medical faculty, some of whom make over $800,000 a year, were able to fight off any salary reductions. Meanwhile workers making less than $40,000 were having their pay reduced and non-tenured faculty were being laid off. The result of this process is the increased growth of income inequality in a system where already in 2008, 3,600 employees made over $200,000 for a collective pay of $1 billion.

  • LU set for shutdown despite faculty opposition,” (Dec. 2/09): “Lakehead University will go ahead with its proposed four-day shutdown later this month, despite strong opposition from the school’s Faculty Association.”

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