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What I wrote on the UNB strategic planning survey:

November 25, 2009

No such exercise can be successful without acknowledging the catastrophic PSE report, its aftermath, and its significant effects on faculty and staff morale and productivity, on the SJ campus in particular.

The two-campus issue, including its history, must be faced and addressed.

The strategic planning process cannot continue to be top-down. Faculty and staff have only recently been asked for input; the shape of the process was determined elsewhere, with substantial and early input from administrators. It is difficult to imagine how we can get anywhere as long as a significant proportion of administration continues to regard faculty as disproportionately expensive and in need of “management.” We are a large and complex organism; we should not be afraid of being “messy.”

I would like to also take this opportunity to question the ongoing, and increasing, use of expensive outside expertise in our functioning when we have a wealth of expertise within our walls.

We could take this opportunity to forge a stronger institution, remaining cognizant of academic traditions and practices while continuing to evolve. We could take this opportunity to declare our own identity rather than trying to remake ourselves, poorly, in the image of a corporation. I sincerely hope that we do.


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