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Just what I’ve been thinking lately …

November 18, 2009

Of interest: a recent piece in The Chronicle of Higher Education: “Can Consultants Save Universities?” by Stan Katz (Nov. 16/09) in response to Tamar Lewin’s story in the New York Times (“Universities Turn to Consultants to Trim Budgets,” Nov. 14/09). Fav quote? Here:

A Bain [consultancy firm] partner is quoted by Lewin as justifying the hiring of outside consultants by saying that “most doctors don’t do self-diagnosis, and the same reasoning applies in higher education.” Quite right, but doctors seeking a diagnosis of their own illnesses consult other doctors, not plumbers. The education business is diverse and complex. Educational management requires both sympathy for and understanding of higher education. Our challenge these days is to trim budgets while doing as little damage as possible to the educational mission.

Quite right.


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