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On the academic labour front:

November 4, 2009

Here is a brief update on labour situations elsewhere:

  • As you may recall, Trent took a strike vote and then settled a few days thereafter.
  • Librarians and archivists at Western gave actual strike notice and then settled last week a couple of days before the scheduled strike.
  • Also last week the Nipissing faculty association voted by nearly 96% in favour of a strike.  In doing so they rejected management’s offer of a wage increase of 3% annually.  They are in a strike position as of Friday but have selected Monday as the big day.
  • CUPE 3902 (the contract academic employees at the University of Toronto) have not been able to reach a settlement and have a strike deadline of this coming Monday.  See their webpage, which in turn leads to their strike site.
  • Meanwhile, on Monday of this week the TAs and RAs in CUPE 3906 at McMaster went on strike.  See their site.



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