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An editorial in

September 9, 2009

yesterday’s T-J betrays an odd gap:

A freeze on tuition fees, shrinking student enrolment and erosion in the value of the university’s endowment have delivered a hit to the university’s budget.

No doubt these elements have each affected UNB’s budget, but none nearly so much as decades of cuts and chronic underfunding. The editorial goes on to describe recent donations:

Like Eldon and Maxine Clair, [Warren McKenzie and Julia MacLauchlan] have also funded specific scholarships – encouraging students with leadership potential, connecting women with careers in technology, promoting computer science and the study of Spanish. Such gifts have helped the university to develop new strengths as educational interests change.

How delightful to hear that after years of being starved and neglected, modern languages are again crucial components of a university education. We anticipate some happy changes in our faculty in light of this welcome news.

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