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Media madness

August 4, 2009

As many readers who have been following the news these past weeks will know, a group of New Brunswick university faculty from UNBF, STU, and MtA recently issued a news release in which they announced a boycott of the Telegraph-Journal because of the firing of student intern Matt McCann. The timing, though obviously fortuitous, makes a clear link between that event and the subsequent “Wafergate.” Indeed, other media outlets have not been slow to link the two events.

The impetus for some journalistic soulsearching, Wafergate has now officially gone international. Though after viewing this, this, and this (thanks to Contrarian and A BCer in Toronto for the links), one wag of this writer’s acquaintance toyed with the idea of starting a “Reinstate Jamie Irving” Facebook group.

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  1. Debra Lindsay permalink
    August 5, 2009 9:24 am

    And for for those interested in a more in-depth and personal account see Mark Tunney, “Cheap Power,” Unpub. paper, University of Western Ontario, 2008. avail:

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