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An interesting

July 9, 2009

commentary in the T-J by Bethany Thorne-Dykstra. A taste: after a litany of the many cuts in social programmes in NB, she writes:

These decisions may have been justified if everything else was cut back, but that is not the case with the government’s corporate agenda. This has been evidenced in the multi-millions of dollars spent on casinos, horse-racing, golf courses, bank bailouts, energy exports, retroactive bonuses to NB Power executives, MLA and civil service salary increases, fancy court houses, jails, etc. It also has been evidenced by government encouraging New Brunswick to be the home of uranium mining and a nuclear waste dump, lacking any consideration of the impact on our people. As well, government has cut taxes for big business and the wealthy, enhancing corporate welfare and deepening the divide between our rich and poor.


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