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July 2, 2009

University World News has published a Special Edition:

The UNESCO Forum on Higher Education, Research and Knowledge was established in 2001, to follow up the outcomes of two major UNESCO world conferences – the 1998 World Conference on Higher Education, and the 1999 World Conference on Science. The Forum provides a global platform for critical engagement with research issues and findings, and its mandate is to help chart, analyse and widen understanding of the systems, structures, policies, trends and developments in higher education, research and innovation.

At the conclusion of the first phase of activities in 2009, the UNESCO Forum published a Research Report, Systems of Higher Education, Research and Innovation: Changing dynamics, edited by Lynn Meek, Ulrich Teichler and Mary-Louise Kearney. The report takes stock of the numerous and rapid changes of the past decade, identifies new dynamics and trends in global knowledge systems, and synthesises the Forum’s main findings. In this Special Edition, University World News reports on a decade of the Forum’s work as encapsulated in the just-published Research Report.

A taste: in “Funding and resources: Doing more for less,” Lynn Meek and Dianne Davies outline the dangers to the university mission from declines in public funding.

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