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Reflections on LiIT’s most recent poll

June 30, 2009

Several days ago, I was considering the options in the poll (“strategic plans ‘r’ us,” appearing just to the right here this past week) regarding what model we might use to “renew” UNB.  Hmmm.  Given the range of options presented, my contemplations were focussed on such penetrating questions as:  “Would it be best to emulate ‘the real thing’ that was once Coca Cola or go for the entertainment appeal of Clown Arts?”  I hummed, I hawed, and I felt, well, uninspired, and just couldn’t decide.  So I went to bed, resolving to continue my deliberations after a good night’s sleep.  But that plan was not to be realized.  Sometime after midnight, I awoke in a cold sweat with the image of “CDU” fresh in my mind.  Yup, Consumers’ Distributing University, where the front counter part-time faculty service representatives distribute pre-packaged curricular items purchased wholesale from the education industry to student consumers and credit the appropriate points to their CDU degree cards.  “Oooo,” I shuddered, “these can’t be our only options!”  Hours later, exhausted by my shudders, I was in the process of drifting back into some sort of sleep when I thought I heard a voice say, “well, how about a renewal model based on reclaiming higher education as a public good…for all?”  Just dreaming?  The folks forging ahead with the “New University Cooperative” don’t think so.  Now, however you might assess the merits of that particular initiative, you have to admit it does go to show that our inspiration for university renewal need not be restricted to the likes of CDU.

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  1. July 1, 2009 12:47 am

    Oh Mon Dieu! My first job was at Consumers Distributing, when I was sixteen. Not a model for education, to say the least.

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