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Batten the hatches,

June 10, 2009

they’re at it again. Hold firm, Minister Arsenault. A ten minute drive is not going to affect any possible research collaboration, but co-location could swamp a small campus which already has space issues and services that are stretched to and in some cases past the breaking point. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? “Cost-sharing”? (aka. university dollars subsidizing industry). If it’s not about money, what is it about? Research collaborations can and do exist across continents, so that argument is bogus. Students sometimes switch from college to university and visa versa, but so what? It just means that they switch campuses; what’s the issue?

Yes, yes, I know; we just got the pot-of-gold in government funding. But not a penny of that is going to operations and very little to classroom or office space, as far as I can tell. The trailers — sorry, “temporary buildings” — are being moved aside for the new NBCC building, but they were not knocked down, you will notice. As long as there is even one left on this campus, how can we contemplate further expanding our population?

Let’s hope that Enterprise Saint John chairman Bob Manning was correct when he said, “This is a once-in-a-generational opportunity.”

Because I for one am very tired of the issue. If anyone had ever taken the time to explain how subsuming UNBSJ into a growing “cluster” would not turn into out-and-out cannibalism, I might feel differently.

But no-one has, have they?

  1. Greg Marquis permalink
    June 10, 2009 10:06 pm

    Re: They Are at It Again

    I did not have time to closely read the newspaper story on the reaction of various ‘community leaders’ to the recent funding announcements for NBCC-SJ and UNBSJ-but I did notice 2 things:

    1. the revived use of the term ‘knowledge institute’- that was employed in that insulting 2007 brief by ‘persons unknown’ called ‘Enriching Our Future.’ We know that Irving Oil paid 1/3 of the cost for that ‘study,’ but no one wanted to explain who paid for the rest of it. And of course no one was ‘responsible’ for the document once the community rallied to support UNBSJ.

    2. students- [remember the students?] figure nowhere in the article- all of the discussion is by business people, politicans, etc. Again, echoes of the 2007 PSE crisis.

  2. Linda Hansen permalink
    June 11, 2009 7:02 am

    Sound and fury — that is what the PSE *event* was in the fall of 2007. While faculty and students were caught up in the sound and fury of winning the battle, the war was lost by conciliation, attrition, and concession. There have been numerous battles but oddly, winning or losing them appears to have the same lack of impact — except, I have noticed that, if you are really, really annoying in your battle tactics and strategies, you are sometimes offered a position among the conciliating, attriting, conceding ranks.

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