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Update on SSRC earmarking issue

May 31, 2009

The following is from a message posted by Marina Devine to the Facebook group Stop the feds from earmarking SSHRC funds for business-related degrees!:

Coverage of SSHRC funding issues at Congress 2009

The issue of the targeting of SSHRC funds for business-related degrees has not disappeared, nor has the wider debate on public funding for academic research in all fields. I’m writing to draw your attention to several recent media items in the Globe and Mail. The Globe, with its online Campus section, has provided a generous amount of recent coverage.

First, Jim Turk of the Canadian Association of University Teachers weighed in on May 12 with an FAQ in the Globe on the general issue of targeted research funding. Turk notes the acquiescence of the heads of the three granting councils to the targeting as evidence of the politicization of research in Canada. See here.

Congress 2009 provided an occasion for further public debate. The Globe framed the issues in a May 25 story, setting the scene for Science and Technology Minister Gary Goodyear’s appearance at the conference. Our group is mentioned in the story. See here.

SSHRC President Chad Gaffield and Nathalie Des Rosiers, President of the Federation for Humanities and Social Sciences, took questions on funding for social sciences and humanities online on May 27. See here.

Des Rosiers invited further questions, which can be sent to the Federation at The Federation’s website provides an excellent overview of the Congress experience, with numerous links to coverage of specific presentations. See here.

Finally, the Globe published an online poll on whether it is as important to fund social sciences and humanities as science and technology. The answers have been running about 3 to 1 in favour. See here.


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