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Well the sky didn’t fall,

May 28, 2009

despite the fear and loathing that greeted the exercise of that mildest form of protest: writing a letter.

Yesterday at the ceremony the Premier took the high road and reminded people that a university is a place for spirited debate, after all. Given his apparent good humour about the whole incident, one hopes that he ferrets out just who apparently called the Irving media demanding blood sacrifice and explains to them that the free exchange of ideas is actually a good thing.

Though maybe I’m wrong in being so sanguine. Let’s hope the Gleaner headline, “Objections to Graham honour set aside, not forgotten,” really is merely a reference to the need to reevaluate the criteria for granting honourary degrees at UNB.

But then Dr. Graham is also quoted as saying

“As premier, I am passionately committed to improving the accessibility of post-secondary education here in New Brunswick and to ensuring that students like you receive the very best education that our colleges and universities can deliver,” he said.

“I would be the first to admit that this hasn’t necessarily been easy. In fact, we have invested a fair bit of political capital in transforming our post-secondary education system in New Brunswick and in the coming years we are prepared to spend much more.”

They are prepared to spend “much more” of their political capital on further “transformation”?

Sounds like a threat, to me.

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  1. Cicciolino permalink
    May 28, 2009 9:00 am

    What is sad is that both the TJ and Daily Gleaner chose to carry a picture and piece on our newly Doctored Premier, when in fact they could/should have carried a front page story celebrating ALL the wonderful graduates at UNBF yesterday!

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