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I never thought I would be saying this,

May 17, 2009

but that Ralph Klein is one classy guy. Don’t believe me? Why, back in 1996:

Ralph Klein, the premier of Alberta, Canada, has refused an honorary degree from the University of Alberta after protests by students. Mr Klein, whose Progressive Conservative government has been responsible for implementing sweeping cuts to post-secondary education in Alberta, had been under pressure to refuse the degree after the vast majority of Edmonton residents voiced their displeasure in a poll.

In a thank-you letter to the premier after the refusal, student representative Matthew Hough wrote: “Most have difficulty with the propriety of honouring a current politician, especially someone who has been seen as less than supportive of the University of Alberta.”

Since Mr Klein came to power in 1992, Alberta’s universities have had 21 per cent less money from its government.

Read the rest: “Premier declines honorary degree,” Philip Fine, Times Higher Education (May 3/96).

[Thanks to Greg M. for the link.]

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  1. Lee Chalmers permalink
    May 17, 2009 8:59 pm

    It’s interesting to note Mr. Klein indicated that saving the good name of the university figured in his decision to decline the degree. Hmmm….

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