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And while I am complaining,

April 21, 2009

why is it that on the Saint John campus we have recently filled or are in the process of filling three (count ’em) decanal positions and were told that all three searches would be internal (i.e. cheaper), and that there would be very limited support to replace those individuals in their home departments? In one case we have a discipline that now exists on the back of only one (count ‘er) faculty member. This is not to disparage any of the individuals in those three positions, but rather to observe that their situations would be stronger had there been proper external searches. All very well that there are budget constraints, but one can’t help noticing that sometimes there seems to be money available .

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  1. Linda Hansen permalink
    April 21, 2009 1:12 pm

    Take a peek at

    Staff Jobs on Campus Outpace Enrollment (NY Times)

    including such gems as:

    *On average, public colleges have about 8 employees per 100 students*

    and my personal favourite:

    * The largest number of full-time jobs added, more than 278,000, were for support staffs, and grew to more than half a million positions in 2007, from 292,000 in 1987. Colleges also added some 65,000 management positions, almost all of them full time; all told, they had 185,000 managers in 2007, up from about 120,000 managers 20 years earlier.

    “Colleges have altered the composition of their work force by steadily increasing the number of managerial positions and support/service staff, while at the same time disproportionately increasing the number of part-time staff that provides instruction,” the report said. *

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