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From one April fool to another

April 1, 2009


No sooner doth St. All-fools’ morn approach,
But waggs, ere Phebus mount his gilded coach,
In sholes assemble to employ their sense,
In sending fools to get intelligence;
One seeks hen’s teeth, in farthest part of th’ town;
Another pigeon’s milk; a third a gown
From strolling cobler’s stall, left there by chance;
Thus lead the giddy tribe a merry dance.
And to reward them for their harmless toil,
The cobler ‘noints their limbs with stirrup oil.
Thus by contriver’s inadvertent jest,
One fool expos’d makes pastime for the rest.

Poor Robin’s Almanac, 1728 (via April Fool’s Day: Eighteenth-Century Popularization)

Or perhaps you would prefer The Top 100 April Fool’s Day Hoaxes of All Time, As judged by notoriety, creativity, and number of people duped?


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