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March 25, 2009

villain_still_pursued_hera news backlog, but think it is caught up. Of particular interest:

  • Universities need vision,” Telegraph-Journal (Mar. 25/09, A8). Good gravy! The last thing we need are more visions! People’s “visions” have got us into a lot of trouble in the last year or two, thank you very much. And is it not a little disingenuous to write, “Opportunities for new research exist in abundance, from forestry and agricultural science to geomatics, the social sciences and renewable energy”? Surely the economic downturn has affected some if not all of these sectors, to the extent that they are more likely to be looking for freebies themselves, than in funding universities. The finale is particularly chilling:

    In dealing with the challenge of fiscal restraint, universities should look to their collective past for examples of how not to proceed. Years of deferred maintenance and budget-by-budget penny-pinching have contributed to the situation universities are in today. Making short-term budget cuts and hoping for the best will not work.

    To deliver excellence on a sustainable basis, universities need a new development plan — one based on exploiting the opportunities that exist in this province, at this time.

    As if it were the fault of the universities that they have been nickel-and-dimed by successive governments. Honestly, this reminds me of nothing so much as the villain of a melodrama who tells the hapless heroine that she must marry him or he will foreclose the mortgage on her parents’ cottage.


  • Bleak bottom line: Education: UNB expects $6M deficit this fiscal year, $30M worth of red ink over three years,” Quentin Casey, Telegraph-Journal (Mar. 24/09, A1). So did the provincial government really need to interfere, and with such a heavy hand? We’ll be lucky to pay JDM’s retirement package, never mind anything else.
  • Wage freeze confuses unions,” Chris Morris, Telegraph-Journal (Mar. 19/09, A1). This also just in: T-J headline writers confuse “confuses” with “angers.”
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  1. Cicciolino permalink
    March 26, 2009 10:19 am

    Vision is hard to come by when you are myopic and keep on insisting that you do not need corrective lenses!

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