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March 20, 2009

The threat to the Women’s Studies programme at MSV has apparently been averted, though other programmes may still be in jeopardy. But now we hear that women’s studies at the U Guelph is also at risk.

And Canada’s science minister, after being cagey, now claims to believe in evolution, though he doesn’t know why anyone would even ask. Even more frightening? Forty-six per cent of Canadians — or forty-six per cent of Globe and Mail readers who responded to the poll — claim not to believe in evolution.

Tory MPs form pse caucus.

NB budget unpopular with the Canadian Federation of Students. For one.

Geoffrey Galt Harpham mounts yet another defense of the liberal arts — “the humanities deserve no less than Citigroup, AIG, or General Motors” — as does Patrick Keeney.

And — no doubt sobering to some — here is the argument that online courses are by no means a cash cow.


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