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Signs and portents

March 15, 2009

Women’s Studies at MSVU might be axed; a college in Wisconsin has already cut Political Science; sciences underfunded in Canada.

CAUT calls for less government micro-management of university research; Harvard medical students question faculty ties to drug companies; Canadian government funds research of interest to the military.

N.B. budget deficit and media spin.

Some institutions are experimenting with 60 second “microlectures.” Otherwise known as … advertisements. You can’t make this stuff up, people.

Meritus advertisement commentary in the Financial Post accompanied by photo of idyllic campus.

According to the University World News:

Governments could assist universities to survive the recession – and perhaps be in a position to thrive once the recovery arrives – by helping to pay for salary restructuring, not letting enrolment formulas constrain institutions from meeting shifting demand, allowing tuition to increase while protecting effective student aid programmes, and funding brains not buildings. This is according to a new report from Canada’s Educational Policy Institute, On the Brink: How the recession of 2009 will affect post-secondary education (download PDF), which looks at “profound effects the recession will have on both revenues and expenditures in the post-school sector”.

“Luring” of both international and domestic students to increase.

My area is the 18th century, an era when “the learned lady” was the object of much satire. Plus ça change. In a related story, women still thin on the ground in what used to be called upper adminstration.

Burton A. Weisbrod, Jeffrey P. Ballou, and Evelyn D. Asch, Mission and Money: Understanding the University, (Cambridge University Press, 2008). Interview with Weisbrod.

A series of pieces in University World News about access to education.


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