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News catch-up

March 12, 2009
  • Richard Girard and Erika Shaker, “Bottled up or tapped out: Where have all the water fountains gone?: Water fountains are disappearing on university campuses. Richard Girard and Erika Shaker trace how this is yet another example of the way commercialization and privatization realigns and redefines priorities in our universities.” Academic Matters (Mar. 12/09): now that you mention it, there are fewer water fountains around …
  • Universities promised stimulus flexibility,” Brian Laghi, Elizabeth Church, and Oliver Moore, Globe and Mail (Mar. 11/09):  “My research and development includes humanities,” [Industry Minister Tony] Clement told reporters. As long as it’s “shovel-ready,” presumably.
  • Deadline coming for crumbling colleges, universities: Federal fund about to end: Minister,” Mike De Souza, Ottawa Citizen (Mar. 9/09):  “After its ideological cuts in culture, now we see the Conservative government taking on university research, by favouring scholarships for research in business, and abandoning the rest of social sciences,” [Bloc Quebecois house leader Pierre] Paquette said.

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