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Well yes

March 11, 2009

I have been lax posting here. Away for March break, don’t you know, and still not caught up with email now that I am back. Plus it’s been busy-busy. Just got back from a moderately top secret joint meeting of the UNB senates and the board of governors. I can’t tell you what was said (or they’d have to kill me), other than the meeting was to hear the recommendation of the joint nominating committee for the new UNB president, but I will say this: the next time someone says “senior management team” when they mean “university administration,” my head is going to explode into tiny little pink and grey pieces all over the shirt (or blouse) of the person who says it.

Fair warning, is all.

I mean, I just wish that all the private-sector wannabees and the academic wannabees would sort themselves out. It would be a lot easier all around.

And it would make for less laundry.

Oh, and watch for some news tomorrow.


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