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Up, down, and sideways

February 26, 2009
  • On the Brink: How the Recession of 2009 Will Affect Post-Secondary Education (in Canada), Educational Policy Institute (Feb./09) (download PDF): apart from anything else, tuition might go up as much as 25%.
  • Private Conversation,” Jack Stripling, Inside Higher Ed (Feb. 26/09): Great mother, what kind of administrator at a public institution would even consider any sort of relationship with “a private company known for churning out quick and inexpensive degrees“? Oh, er.… Uh, very interesting material about educational entrepreneurs with government contracts.
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  1. Last Year Doctorate Student permalink
    February 28, 2009 5:20 pm

    I simply think that college is very expensive in the United States and was shocked at prices in Canada. I think education at some level above than high school should be free such as an associates or first two years.

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