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Tough Talk in Hard Times

February 26, 2009

See “Storm Brews over universities: Even as they deal with spike in demand, many institutions warn cuts are on horizon,” Elizabeth Church, Globe and Mail, 26 Feb 2009.

Drawing on a brief entitled “On the Brink: How the Recession of 2009 will Affect Post-Secondary Education,” prepared by the Education Policy Institute, Church relays comments by Alex Usher, one of the authors of the brief:

Many campuses are looking at budget cuts of as much as 15 per cent over the next three years, a target that will mean cutting jobs and programs. “It would be an unfortunate irony if, while we are creating construction jobs and jobs for trades people, which are important, we are having to cut knowledge-sector jobs,” he said. “That’s not a formula for rebounding when we get out of this recession.”

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  1. February 26, 2009 1:01 pm

    And — omigod! — did you read the comments?

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