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So we at UNB are all aflutter

February 19, 2009

bride_and_groomat the prospect of a new president. It’s quite a decision. After all, even a single five year term is longer than many marriages. Though keeping with that metaphor, the process has more in common with a marriage arranged by a matchmaker than with celebrity nuptials in Vegas.

I met the prospective bridegroom, that is to say, Dr. Eddy Campbell, yesterday, while he was still at the beginning of the three-day endurance test of his visit to our two campuses. Now, understand that the wedding date is all but set; the only question remaining is whether or not we will shriek at the sight of each other at the alter.

So there I am, sitting demurely at the table and wondering how this unknown fellow will measure up. Surely he will be better than our ex, I hope fervently. All our exes, I amend. I zone out while totting up their cumulative faults but jolt to attention when the discussion turns to all those new, sexy programmes of which so many husbands seem enamoured. I mean, of course, co-location of facilities with NBCC, articulated programmes, and the like. To Dr. Campbell — all right, to Eddy — we were on a first name basis by that point, dear reader — it is all about expanding choices for students. “At the cost of existing programmes?” I bleated plaintively. No, no! he hastened to assure: the core was integral. He then said that if he were to build a university from the ground up, he would start with math and English, and go from there. He went on to dismiss the “duplication” argument (you know, that old saw that if they are teaching humanities anywhere within a 500 kilometre radius, why do we need them in Saint John?) but, oh, Dr. Campbell! — Eddy — you had me at “English.”

  1. Cicciolino permalink
    February 20, 2009 8:43 am

    Did bridegroom Eddy say anything about the Psychology of English?

  2. Linda Hansen permalink
    February 22, 2009 8:33 am

    Well, as I said, he *talks good* … and remember, he is not building a university from the ground up …

    Linda Hansen

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