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February 12, 2009

Point and counterpoint: “Suiting the new recruit: Atlantic universities learn a lot about wooing applicants as their local supply of 18 to 24-year-olds starts to dry up. Are there lessons here for other regions?” Daniel Drolet, University Affairs (Feb. 9/09) vs. “Marketing can corrupt universities,” Yves Gingras, University Affairs (Jan. 12/09).

Speaking of which, readers may remember last year’s advertising campaign from advocacy group Colleges Ontario. This year they are trying to top themselves: “Colleges launch first-ever TV ads aimed at parents’ biases” (Feb. 9/09). Here’s the website, and here’s the video.

Faculty: left and far-left?: “Sex Crazed Oil Haters, and Other Claims,” Jack Stripling, Inside Higher Ed (Feb. 10/09) and “Lefty profs,” Christine Overall, University Affairs (Jan. 12/09).

I’m outta here. Soon. I swear.: “Faculty postpone retirement across Canada: Economy’s slide and end of mandatory retirement see more profs staying on,” Anne Kershaw, University Affairs (Jan. 12/09).

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association seeks to overturn decisions by several student unions to withdraw funding from anti-choice groups.


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