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More bad news — the Brits review tuition fees

January 20, 2009

and a commission headed by Sir John Chisholm, formerly of General Motors (!) and Scicon, a consultancy for BP (!) recommends removing tuition caps.  In his report he states:

 “The fixed cap on student fees provides little scope for demand to influence the quality of supply. Universities are driven by the demands of their government paymasters and student customers”.

Critics have taken a look and state that:

 The document also reports that Chisholm considers that there are too many graduates in subjects including information technology, psychology and “science with x” [another subject]. Chisholm terms the latter subjects “diluted science”.

Another recommendation is that the current system of relatively short terms and longer holidays be reviewed. Chisholm also calls for studying to become more “flexible” in order that undergraduates are able to do more paid work at the same time as studying.

The Telegraph commented on the study, “If his advice is implemented, some degrees could cost parents as much as £20,000 a year.

See Robert Stevens, “Britain: Government report calls for scrapping cap on university fees,” 20 Jan 2009.


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