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More on investing in “infrastructure,” this time from States-side

January 12, 2009

Evelyn Murphy, a former lieutenant governor of Massachusetts, challenges us to move beyond a focus on capital-oriented measures and to think big and boldly about labour policy during these interesting economic times (see article here).  Noting that the economy today is “knowledge-based,” she observes:

Now is not the time to curtail our national educational agenda; it is precisely the time to stimulate this investment. Why not guarantee access to public higher education to every person who has the grades, test scores, and commitment to enhance her or his educational credentials?

She also suggests that the time is ripe for pay equity adjustments, and for providing non-profit organizations with supports to hire the talents of those 55 – 70 years of age who are now looking to return to or extend their stay in the paid labour force to build up their beleaguered retirement funds.

Some interesting suggestions to consider and discuss.  I just hope the politicians on this side of the border are engaged in similar innovative thinking (or listening to those who are) as they roll up their sleeves to prepare the federal budget.  [Thanks to the New Brunswick Advisory Council on the Status of Women for spying this article.]


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