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December 16, 2008

the quarterly bulletin of the Federation of New Brunswick Faculty Associations (FNBFA) has just come out, and there is much of particular interest to us:

  • “FNBFA concerned about NB’s Acton Plan to Transform Post-Secondary Education in New Brunswick.” Reflexions 31.2 (Fall 2008): 1.
  • Cook, Greg, excerpted. “CAUT congratulates UNBSJ for winning ‘Round One'” (3).
  • “AUNBT opposes Nora Kelly’s secondment to UNB” (3).
  • “Institutes of applied learning and training to complement universities and community colleges” (8).

There are also articles on equity, for-profit chains, and more. Not yet available on line but should be shortly.

One tidbit in the news column: “Australia: Too few graduates, too many tradespeople” (4-5): “… the government appears to have accepted the labour market myths perpetuated by its conservative foes — that the country needs tradespeople rather than professionals.” And now they don’t have enough of the latter (from University World News).


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