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So some questions:

December 5, 2008

First, if you haven’t already, read the recent announcement on capital funding, excerpted below.

Glad to hear there will be some money, finally, particularly for the beleaguered community colleges.

Though I doubt I am the only one wondering to what extent the final use of such funds will be left up to institutions to determine internally, and how much will be targeted to further pet projects of the government.

I know, what an ingrate I am. But you must admit, dear reader, that we have had a rough ride with this government and there are no signs that they have any intention of backing off from their, well, let’s call it a focused, approach to post-secondary education.

And bricks and mortar are not everything. We remain grossly underfunded, particularly on the Saint John campus, and have heard nary a word about day-to-day funding.

Of course, giving us adaquate and steady funding would mean that this government would just have to trust us to do our jobs, rather than deciding themselves what projects were most in line with their idea of “self-sufficiency.”


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