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Announcement about capital investment from the provincial government:

December 5, 2008

Highlights that most concern post-secondary education:

Over the next two years, over $1.2 billion in capital investments will be made. …

And nothing could be more critical than improving our community college and university infrastructure around the province. To start, I am pleased to announce today that a new $35 million community college will be built in Edmundston. This investment is in response to the community’s recommendation to integrate post‐secondary education resources in the Northwest. In Saint John, we will be investing close to $45 million in community college facilities. Our investment in the Port City is a result of our government’s commitment to the Benefits Blueprint initiative. Mr. Speaker we have worked closely with both cities and their engaged citizens to address their needs and to ensure that we prepare the workforce across the province to transform our economy and become more self‐sufficient. (3)

In the coming weeks we will unveil further capital investments in post‐secondary education infrastructure. Our action plan for post‐secondary education is clear. In order to give New Brunswickers the educational opportunities they need, investments must be made in our community colleges and universities. To ensure that our colleges and universities have the best infrastructure within which to build the best system, over the next two years we will be investing over $160 million in new facility construction and in renovations to existing buildings. … (4)

Now more than ever, ensuring New Brunswickers get the skills they need at a price they can afford is an essential investment. Our post‐secondary education plan, Be Inspired. Be Ready. Be Better, is the most comprehensive commitment to post‐secondary education in New Brunswick in decades. In the coming months, we will be addressing these recommendations and we will do so working closely with students, educators and administrators in our community colleges and universities.

As post‐secondary education is transformed, we are affirm our commitment to work towards preserving and promoting the language and culture of our two linguistic (6) communities, the principles of linguistic duality and the legal framework regarding official languages in New Brunswick.

We will work hard to help students with the cost of their post‐secondary education. Mr. Speaker, we’ll work with universities to increase collaboration, boost our research and innovation capacity, increase applied and articulated programs and strengthen the links between communities and post‐secondary institutions.

We will announce concrete steps to allow the New Brunswick Community College to reach its potential, start the process towards a modern autonomous college system and increase college course offerings to provide more availability and more choice.

And we will create a more flexible and responsive apprenticeship system that will result in more New Brunswickers getting this important “on‐the‐job” experience. (7)

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[announcement from the UNB administration]

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