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Living in exciting times

November 29, 2008

Am here at the Westin in Ottawa at CAUT Council, busy with matters academic, and have been told, but have not seen anyone myself, that various political luminaries, notably Jean Chretian and Ed Broadbent, are here in the hotel holding talks on forming a coalition government.

Lots of buzz.

Have also heard that Stephen Harper has begun a media blitz to cost in the realm $10 million, or so we were told just now.

$10 million dollars. Not the economic stimulus critics had envisioned.

So we are all being urged to email our MPs, particularly if they are Liberals, NDPers, or Greens, with the message, “we support the coalition.”

Here is what the Canadian Labour Congress has to say about Harper’s proposed economic package.

And here is a site whereby, with your postal code, you can find your MP.


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