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But before I go,

November 27, 2008

just want to point you towards an interesting editorial by Josh O’Kane at The Brunswickan: “The great divide of UNB’s campuses” (Nov. 25/08). He makes a few factual errors (we lack full programmess in the physical, not the natural sciences, for one thing) and I suspect the number of students who need to finish their degrees elsewhere is much smaller than he thinks. Further, last year people defended the campus by saying that Saint John deserved Liberal Arts programmes not as an admission that we do not have comprehensive programmes, but because the arts and sciences, specifically, were under attack. All that is by the by, however; O’Kane’s central argument — that UNB Saint John needs resources for expanded programmes, and a revamped administrative structure — is most welcome:

If the central administration remains structured with Saint John in a satellite position, how can UNB grow its Saint John campus? …

When the school’s existence was threatened in Fall 2007 … [s]tudents and community members developed a passion for the school that was previously unseen. The campus was more relevant than ever before; suddenly, UNBSJ was something worth fighting for. … Leave it alone again, and before we know it, UNBSJ’s existence could be threatened again.

Is UNBSJ fine as is? Probably. But it has potential to grow. UNB should embrace this while it has the chance.

Well said.


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