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The provincial media

November 26, 2008

continues its ascerbic coverage of anything with a whiff of unionism in two short pieces on the demonstration against public-private partnerships held yesterday at the Legislature.

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  1. November 26, 2008 6:10 pm

    The Provincial Media?

    Boy, Irving Media’s propaganda arm must be working overtime in the Maritimes these days.

    Funny how by being totally omnipotent about it (buying / crushing newspaper competitors) and then having several outlets (Gleaner vs. Telegraph / Coke vs. Pepsi) they can maintain this fantasy that Nieuw Braunschweig citizens really have some sort of diversity or choice about what they read in the print media.

    They even appear to have The Canadian Press firmly in their hands with cakewalk, appeasement pieces immediately issued regarding their latest barge disaster now dumping oil into prime lobster habitat.

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