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A message from Canada’s universities in these uncertain times

November 3, 2008

[From the AUCC website:]

October 30, 2008

Canada’s universities recognize that Canadians are facing a period of heightened economic uncertainty and, in many cases, real hardships. Universities, rooted in communities across Canada, share Canadians’ concerns about jobs, savings and financial security. Our institutions are committed to maintaining and enhancing our role as key contributors to Canadians’ well-being and to supporting local industries and organizations in their efforts to weather these challenging times.

Canadian universities are an integral part of more than 80 communities across Canada, and through distance education and our graduates, we reach virtually every community in the country. We educate highly qualified workers for the labour force; we are major employers; and we conduct research in collaboration with partners from all sectors of economic activity.

While our institutions are certainly feeling the effects of the financial crisis, we are acutely aware that many communities look to us in difficult economic times for a measure of stability and to provide hope for the future. Over the longer term, Canada’s highly educated labour force and our strong university research base will be important sources of competitive advantage as Canada emerges from the current global financial crisis.

The 94 institutions that comprise the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada are committed to working with all levels of government, with private and not-for-profit sector partners and our local communities to ensure that the conditions are in place for as rapid a return as possible to sustained growth in the Canadian economy and financial security for individuals, families and communities.

Yours truly,
Tom Traves
Chair of the AUCC Board of Directors
President of Dalhousie University

Claire M. Morris
President and CEO
Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada


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