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“Becoming Educa’ed: From the PSE Reports to the Parrhesian Self”

October 16, 2008

UNBF Education Colloquium: Dr. C.J. Doran will present his talk on Monday, Oct. 20, at 7 p.m. in Room 143, Marshall d’Avray Hall.

The talk will focus on this province’s recent debate on ‘post-secondary education’ reform within the wider, global (or, at least, western) context of social reform. Specifically, Dr. Doran’s aim is not to evaluate the recent PSE reports and their surrounding discussions, but rather to contextualize and situate them within the wider social transformation which has been called ‘neo-liberalism’ by many; and which began with the break-up of western ‘welfare states’ in the 1980’s. But whereas many critics of neo-liberalism critique these reforms in terms of the marketization and commercialization of the university, his intention is to go beyond such critiques by showing neo-liberalism’s effects at the level of the corporeal body itself; especially with regard to the discursive ‘construction’ of new forms of the ‘educated self’.

C. J. Doran is a post-structuralist, post-feminist professor in the department of social science at UNB Saint John. His empirical research has mainly focused on historical analyses of working class life in Canada and England.

Admission is free and following the talk refreshments will be served in Room 225.

For further information, please contact Dr. Emery Hyslop-Margison at 458-7457 or

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