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Hear, hear

October 14, 2008

Greg Marquis makes a strong point in his letter to the editor today (Telegraph-Journal, Oct. 14/08, A4):

The editors of the Telegraph-Journal are so busy defending taxpayer funded business initiatives such as the Blueprints Benefit and Enterprise Saint John that they fail to address the real issue: accountability.

These non-elected organizations, whose accountability to the taxpayer and voters is not very clear, have supported controversial policies.

Anyone who raises questions is called “anti business.” I call this attitude undemocratic. As a taxpayer who has no say about my taxes supporting these efforts, I say, let’s have less hype and more scrutiny.

Not sure what the status is of ESJ’s annual trip cap-in-hand to Common Council, but I hope our municipal politicians will remember the role ESJ played in the debacle last year. To recap: they argued for shutting down a vibrant, forty-years old university campus in favour of just-in-time, just-barely-adequate, job training for the energy sector.

Accountability indeed.

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  1. October 14, 2008 6:12 pm

    Well spoken.

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