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Let’s do a LIIT poll

October 9, 2008

Based on coverage in the TJ, Paul Zed reportedly stated that “he would also lobby government to give autonomy to UNB’s Saint John Campus, a move he said would guarantee more federal funds to the school where he earned an education.  [adding] We cannot be secondary to UNB Fredericton; we have to have our own source of funding.”

Is the MP for Saint John

1. clueless

2. indiscreet — that is, he spilled the beans on yet another plan to “transform” UNB Saint John

Where was he last year? 

If memory serves, the people of UNBSJ and the people of the community (obviously not those at ESJ or Robertson et al) wanted the UNB in UNB Saint John.

Moreover, his comments suggest a lack of understanding as to

1.  the provincial government’s interest in listening to anyone (if that is what he meant when he said he’d lobby government) when it comes to education (see TJ on plans to push ahead with school closures despite protests from parents–never mind the fiasco over EFI) and

2.  as to how federal transfer funds are used.   

The federal government long ago gave up efforts to ensure that monies transferred to fund areas under provincial jurisdiction (eg. education and health) were used as intended.   How autonomy factors into improved funding from the feds is unclear at best.  

As to a secret agenda for UNBSJ… 

perhaps we should be worried.  I heard a rumour that the DM who worked with the principals and presidents–revising the PSE Report and rebranding it as the Action Plan–was moving into academe.

  1. October 9, 2008 11:25 am

    Separate funding won’t do us any good unless it is proportional separate funding. And proportional to the number of students we teach, not to the number of faculty, as our teaching loads on this campus are considerably higher than on the other campus. If there is not some clear and unequivocal formula to ensure equity, separate funding envelops would be as open to abuse as the current system.

  2. October 9, 2008 7:47 pm

    On “clueless / indiscreet” – Although his office had not received a copy of the Saint John People for Peace petition to refuse participation in the US missile defence project, as his employee told us when we entered his constituency office to occupy it, Zed announced to the TJ the following day that he had promised us he would present the unread petition signed by 2000 to Parliament and accused us of bullying him. We occupied his constituency office because he cancelled a scheduled meeting with us on the eve of the Martin Liberal caucus meeting in Fredericton and he rescheduled to meet us following the caucus. We considered that to be too late. Subsequently he lectured one of the octogenarian delegates that he finally met: “aren’t you too old for this?”

    On “a secret agenda for UNBSJ” – Somehow this rumour makes me think of the “Dance of the Seven Veils.” I mean there was a PSE Report, a Working Cmmittee Report, An Action Plan, a Premier’s announcement about an executive-in-chief, a President’s announcement about an executive-in-residence, a rumour of research on health, and a revised rumour of research on women in the civil service. Now the veils are dropped, has anyone seen the job description and its term?
    Or has the dance be “re-branded?”

  3. October 9, 2008 7:49 pm

    That’s “Or has the dance be ‘re-branded’?”

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