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Another wacky idea from the Libs

September 29, 2008

Did anyone else catch the quick reference on the CTV 6 o’clock news last week to the Libs’ latest great idea?

Apparently they are considering New Brunswick as a site for the storage of nuclear waste!  Now there’s an idea worthy of Mr. Burns.

At any rate, the anchor mentioned this news item so quickly that it appeared “normal.”

Is this what passes for policy in this government?  Have any of them been to Hanford, Washington to see the problems associated with the storage of spent nuclear fuel?  As noted in 2002 in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer,

“Thousands of former workers and residents living downwind were made ill by releases from the atomic bomb-making plant — developing cancers and other ailments. And still today, those toiling to clean up the poisons are getting sick. “

“You have a human legacy here,” said Robert Alvarez of the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington, D.C., former senior policy adviser to the Secretary of Energy.

“I’m most concerned about the workers; they’re on the front line,” said Dr. Tim Takaro, assistant environmental-health professor at the University of Washington. “I don’t think enough is being done.”

There has been some small progress in settling law suits launched by local organizations such as Families Against Cancer & Toxics: Dedicated to finding causes of childhood cancers, with the goal of preventing future cases, but there will no doubt be more settlements in the future as it is estimated that the effects of spent nuclear fuel may extend to more than 2 million Americans who have been exposed in the 50 year history of the site.

Why would the people of New Brunswick–many of whom protested vigorously against uranium prospecting–want to consider storing spent nuclear fuel?

See Robert Halstead, “Radiation Exposures From Spent Nuclear Fuel and High-Level Nuclear Waste Transportation to a Geologic Repository or Interim Storage Facility in Nevada,” for a summary of a risk assessment study regarding such storage sites.

If I’m reading the American experience correctly, those in charge of establishing our new Medical Education Program (you know, the Liberals) should forget about family medicine and focus on training oncologists.  We’ll need them.


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