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September 27, 2008

here is the page on the University of Manitoba Faculty Association website, and the beginning of the most recent post there:

International College of Manitoba (Navitas)

September 24, 2008
International College of Manitoba (ICM): Still Looking for Cooperation
Brenda Austin-Smith

UMFA Members already know that Navitas, a private, multi-national, for-profit corporation, has opened a subsidiary for international students here at the U of M called the International College of Manitoba, or ICM. It is important to stress that ICM is not a post-secondary institution in its own right, but is rather a corporation that employs people to teach courses in its “pathway” programs. It is also important to note that ICM currently is taking on teaching activities already performed by UMFA and CUPE 3909 members at the University of Manitoba itself.

ICM’s presence is a direct threat to UMFA and CUPE 3909 positions, and to the maintenance of public post-secondary education to international students on this campus.

The Principal of ICM, Susan Deane, has been meeting with U of M Department Heads and Chairs to seek their cooperation in partnering with ICM to provide course materials and oversight to ICM in return for a fee.

UMFA reminds you that the course materials that you have developed, including your lecture notes and course outlines, are your intellectual property and cannot be provided to another party without your permission. You are advised to consult UMFA if your department is providing materials developed by UMFA members or if you are asked to provide materials to ICM.

The Association is opposed to the privatization of the education of international students under the auspices of and on the property of the University of Manitoba, a publicly-funded educational institution. The U of M has apparently agreed to provide services, resources, and space under the terms of their contract with Navitas, a contract that has not been shown in whole or in part to members of either the Senate or the Board of Governors. The goal of Navitas is to make a profit from their ICM operations here at the University of Manitoba for their shareholders.

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